Begoro P0rn0 Man Is An SDA Choir Leader—Chief Declares

Yaw Ofei, the Limping man in the leaked Begoro sekz tape is said to be a member of the Begoro branch of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA).

The revelation by the chief of Begoro, Daasebre Awuah Kotoko puts to rest the numerous speculations concerning the photographer who used his job as a bait to lure several women.

“Anybody who says he is not an SDA member is lying, I know him very well and he is a leader of the choir…,” Daasaebre said on Dwaso Nsem Thursday.

The numerous videos and nvde photographs went viral in the Eastern Regional town and beyond following its outbreak some days ago.

The tapes have forced several women whose faces were shown in the videos to flee the town due to stigma.

In four of the many series circulating on social media, the thick tall photographer who limbs on one of his legs is seen bonking women of different ages and backgrounds.

These acts, the chief said has brought ‘uncleanliness unto the town’ and hence would need spiritual cleansing.

Though the chief claims he has not watched the contents of the videos circulating on social media, he condemns the act in totality.

Begoro Police commander, DSP Samuel Odame also confirmed that the police are investigating the story and are busily searching to arrest persons circulating them.