Beef Alert: John Dumelo fires Yvonne Nelson on Twitter

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo and actress Yvonne Nelson’s relationship are on the rocks after John Dumelo took to twitter to lash out on Yvonne Nelson ealier today. This is due to a comment Yvonne Nelson made when she started her #DumsorMustStop campaign

After inviting many of her celebrity friends to join the campaign and leaving out her best friend John Dumelo, a fan asked her why she didn’t invite him and her response was that she wouldn’t do it because John loves to kiss ass.

Days after the DumsorMustStop vigil, John Dumelo has spoken about the issue.

Yvonne Nelson revealed after #Dumsormuststop vigil that John has been refusing to pick calls from her. According to her, she has no idea why John isn’t picking her calls.

John Dumelo has taken to social media site, Twitter to call out his former friend for stabbing him in the back. He wondered why a friend will insult him publicly and call his phone privately. In his tweets, he said Yvonne wants to look good in the public eye and make others look like the bad ones.

Read the series of tweets John posted on twitter below: