Another Facebook Slay Queen Bonked By Three Guys Video Leaks (Watch Video)

Not Long ago a Facebook Slay Queen by name Aku Sika was in the news for a purported video of her being bonked by a guy whiles she was crying like a baby. The video was making waves on social media and a lot of social media users teared into Slay Queens especially Aku Sika. Few months down the line we have come into possession, another leaked video of a Facebook Slay Queen being slammed by three guys. Yes, three guys!

The slay queen known as Linda Ayesu who seems to look like a ‘hook up girl’ charged the guys 600ghc to have sekz with her. Judging from what is on her Facebook profile it looks like that’s what she does for a living.

In the said leaked tape, the girl known as Linda and gives one of the guys BJ while another fires her from the back.

Our site policy does not allow us upload such videos. In order to provide our cherished readers with what is trending in Ghana. However we can link you to a third party site to watch the video.

If you really want to watch the video. Just follow the link below.

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