AMG boss, Criss Waddle tells us why he performed Shatta’s songs

AMG Business CEO, Criss Waddle over weekend performed two of Shatta Wale’s songs at the Northern Music Awards in Tamale.

A lot of Ghanaians were however surprised by the acts of the AMG boss. Whiles some were cheering him on for promoting peace, some Shatta wale fans including Shatta Wale himself mocked Criss Waddle. In a post on Facebook, Shatta said Criss Waddle did not have up to ten songs that’s why he(Criss) performed Kakai and Chop Kiss.

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In what seemed to be a rebuttal,  The AMG boss revealed, he only performed the songs to promote peace.

He wrote

Knowledge is Power,There are big multiple fights in the North-tamale between fancy Gadam and maccasio over which artist is the best and innocent fans had been hurt with cars windscreens broken,as an artist invited to perform on the second show all the way from accra,I couldn’t speak to them about peace without practicing what I preach,that’s stupidity,the best example was to show them how I can only disagree with Wale but not hate him for no reason,dancing to his songs which they didn’t expect made a lot of difference ,allow the Boka smokers to keep thinking like kids,you can’t be successful in life if you are not smart and don’t when to put your pride down to save a life. #AMGToTHEBLOODCLATWOLD