Ama K Abebrese slams bukom banku

Actress and TV presenter, Ama K Abebrese  is slammed Bukom Banku for fondling his wife’s breasts in public.

Ama K Abebrese did not understand why the boxer would fondle the wive’s breast in public. In a post on Facebook, the actress asked the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to ‘investigate’ Bukom Banku for publicly fondling his wives breast in public.

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Below what Ama K Abebrese posted on Facebook.

“Why is he grabbing the breast of young girls on camera? If this is what he does publicly I don’t even want to imagine what happens behind closed doors.

This is not in any way funny. Is disturbing, it’s abusive and I hope the relevant authorities deal with it. The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection needs to investigate this.

It is very worrying to me the amount of comments that are blaming these young girls saying that they are ‘enjoying it’ and calling them all sorts of names. If these girls are underage, then what he is doing is abusive. I do not know their age but they look young.

It’s important to note that whether they look like they are enjoying it or not does not stop it being abusive. Most people that are groomed from a young age and molested over a period of time do not any better. The psyche of abuse victims is rather complex.

If these girls have been abused their whole lives, they do not know any better. Some young girls and boys are seksually and emotionally abused from an early age. So by the time they grow up they think it’s normal behaviour. They are victims and some do not even realize it.

Furthermore, if you think that it is OK that a grown man will engage in this sort of behaviour with young people, then you are also part of the bigger problem of our society and why so many abusers/predators continue to abuse and molest young people and get away with it”.