Akosua Sika’s Boyfriend Who Recorded Video Finally Opens Up On Leaked Video; Guess What He Is Saying

A young man alleged to be one of the many boyfriends of the slay queen Aku Sika and behind the latest video leak has come out to admit that he was responsible for the recording of the ‘seks tape’ of Aku Sika trending on Social media. The boy who’s known as Isaac Osei on Facebook has asked people to stop sharing the video as he didn’t know it was going to go that viral.

According to him, he took the video when he had a misunderstanding with her, so he could use it to mock her later on. He also added in his post that, it wasn’t a ‘gala’ as it’s been portrayed on Social media.

Yesterday, we published a video were Akosua Sika’s face was visibly seen and she was heard crying in the video and from all indications, it seemed like she was being hurt by the person who did the recording, that is Isaac Osei. We can’t readily tell, if they were actually bonking or not but some people are of the view that, they were having sekz and that it was against her will at the time or she just couldn’t handle Isaac’s distin. Well, we can’t conclude anything.

There is another video, which accompanied the one we see Akosua Sika’s face in it but with this one, a young girl is seen been banged by two guys. We don’t get to see the faces of the people in the video so it’s hard to say who they really are. While some people on Social media say, it was Akosua Sika in there, some believe it’s not her and their argument is that Akosua Sika is fair in complexion, so her butt would have been fair as well, but we see a girl with a dark butt in the video.

Going with what Akosua Sika’s boyfriend wrote on Facebook and match it to the evidence in the second video, then whoever was being ‘chopped down’ was definitely not Akosua Sika.