Afriyie Acquah deletes wife, Amanda Owusu’s pictures on his Instagram

Not too long ago, reported that Blackstars midfielder Afriyie Acquah was on the verge of divorcing his wife, Amanda Owusu over nvde pictures Amanda allegedly sent to another man. We also followed up with the nvde photos Amanda allegedly sent to the other married man.

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In wake of all this rumours and speculation an Instagram post by the official account of the Torino midfielder seemed to have quenched all the fire behind the rumours.
The post was an image of Afriyie and Amanda and it was captioned

The love of my life, my love for you is for real ??.

Amanda owusu

Investigation by revealed that this particular image was posted by Amanda herself, using Afriyie Acquah’s account. Our source also revealed that Afriyie Acquah is currently furious with his wife and is now more than determined to go through with the divorce. Afriyie Acquah also has since deleted all photos of his wife, Amanda on his instagram page.

Could this be the sign of a divorce. Keep watching this space as we give you more interesting revelations on this story.