Afia Schwarzenegger and other celebs react after Anas’ video premiere

Controversial, Radio/TV presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger yesterday spoke her mind after watching the ‘Ghana In The Eyes Of God’ an Anas Aremeyaw Anas expose` on judicial corruption in Ghana. Thousands of people besieged the Accra International Conference Centre to have a glimpse of the much-anticipated judicial corruption video. Though some of the judges had sought to place an injunction on the screening, the event went on as scheduled.

Afia indicated that the poor conditions of service of the justices could have led to their involvement in the alleged corrupt act. She rebuked politicians for serving their parochial interests instead of improving the lives of public sector workers to avert a possible acceptance of bribes.

“Ghana should bow down its head in shame. When I started watching the video, I was like, ‘that is why they take bribes.’ If you see the kind of houses they live in, the kind of couches judges have, the kind of dirty environment judges find themselves, then I guess this is what’s going to happen… Look at where our judges sit. And the court room is disgusting,”

she fumed.

“I’m so ashamed. All our ministers know is to buy new cars, travel outside and sleep with children young enough to be their kids. It serves as right as a nation,”

Afia Schwarzenegger added.

“I never thought justices are cheap in Ghana, and we go ahead bribing the police. I mean the police commanders charge better than the judges. I’m so disappointed. I think the one [indicted justices] that took the best price was the one that had seks,”

she revealed

I personally watched the movie and I must say, I was very heartbroken after seeing the very people who swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Ghana, succumb to the seduction of Money. These ‘Lords’ of the court were twisting the law and selling their credibility to the highest bidder.

John Dumelo, Ama K Abrebrese  and other celebrities also shared their views after watching the movie.