Afari-Gyan Hits back: I am not dead

Dr. Kwado Afari-Gyan, was reported dead by some news outlets in the early hours of Monday. The former chairman of the Electoral Commission has laughed off rumours making rounds that he has passed away.

Dr. Afari-Gyan said those wishing him dead “should come and carry his corpse away” if they can confirm his death.

The national icon said he is enjoying his retirement and is not moved by “the mischief being peddled around”.

Speaking briefly in an interview,  Monday while news went viral on social media, especially on Facebook and WhatsApp platforms, he said his phone has been buzzing with calls from family members enquiring about the news since Sunday, but he remains calm.

Family members close to the man who was spearheaded five successful elections in Ghana also confirmed the 70-year-old is still healthy, and nothing has happened to trigger such news.

Dr Afari-Gyan left the EC on June 17, 2015 after turning 70. He helped conduct elections in other African countries as well.