Adebayor’s younger brother, Rotimi denies stealing 21 phones

Rotimi Adebayor, younger brother of Tottenham Hotspur’s striker and togolese skipper, Emmanuel Adebayor  has denied the allegations that he stole 21 phones from a football academy in France.

Adebayor, In one of his Facebook post about his family accused his younger brother, Rotimi of stealing 21 phones from a football academy in France.

Rotimi however has denied the accusation somehow admitting to stealing only one.

It was at the FC Metz football Academy in France and I was 14 years old then,”

Rotimi told the Sun Newspaper in an interview.

My mates were already at the training pitch on that day, so I was running to meet up with them when I found the mobile phone on the aisle within the training complex.

Actually I kept it on the table in my room and my roommate wanted to know who owns the phone because he didn’t have any then. I told him how I found it, and then he de­manded to make use of it.

Kelvin. He is an American and the owner of the phone is from Asia but from an ‘Arab coun­try’ The ‘Arab’ boy saw the phone with Kelvin and immediately reported the case to the man­agement of the academy.

They informed my brother about it. He called me to hear my side of the story but I was later informed to pack my things out of the academy.”

On the accusation that he stole 21 phones, Rotimi said:

“I didn’t steal. I have just explained what happened.”

Rotimi who publicly appologised to his brother, however revealed that he hadn’t received any response from the Tottenham striker.

No response from him yet,”

Rotimi said.

I apologised be­cause he is my elder brother and we have re­solved so settle issues amicably. My elder sister advised us to bury the hatchet.”

Rotimi currently plays for a club side in Benin Republic called Royale FC. He is also married to a Nigerian woman, Shantal from Ife in Osun State and they have a two year-old son called Kinsley.

I joined the team in mid season and I scored 9 goals in 15 matches,” 

he said.

I believe that’s a huge re­turn in terms of goals conversion rate.

Rotimi Adebayor is currently

Rotimi also revealed that their mum is back selling polythene bags, padlocks since Adebayor withdrew his financial support for the family.

It’s really sad to see her return to a business she left a long time ago,”

Rotimi said.

“No one would be hap­py to see her mum in this sort of situation. Well, I leave it all in God’s hand. He will judge every situation. Destiny will always prevail.