Movie Producer’s Wife Leaks The Naked Video An Actress Sent To Her Husband (Watch Video)

There has been a lot of perception about some actresses who use sex to get movie roles and it looks like Kumawood has not been left of the list. The wife of popular Kumawood movie producer and director Francis Dzogbetsi popularly, who is known as Nebu Ur’ Majesty has exposed an upcoming actress who sent her husband naked video and photos of herself to entice him secure a movie role in a desperate attempt to be popular.

In a Facebook post of the Producer’s wife, Nora Frimpong Manson, she wrote “The movie industry is collapsed all because of our foolishness and stupidity how can a woman send her nakedness to my husband all because of a roll what a shameful lady this lady Elizabeth Gyabi or Queen Lissa whatever you called yourself this is the warning to you fool don’t ever send or chart with my Man again in your forking life prostitute in the industry ASHAWO…”

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Checks by Your Everyday Lifestyle and Entertainment hub, indicates the lady who sent the video to Nora’s husband is called Queen Lissa on Facebook and she didn’t hesitate to call her out and warned her whiles sharing the naked video sent to her husband