Actress Emelia Brobbey Asks Actress To Render An Apology or Face A Lawsuit (Screenshot)

Ghanaian actresses, Emelia Brobbey has threatened to slap another actress, Safina Harouna with a lawsuit for making derogatory comments against her.

In an interview on “The Fame Show” on youtube, Safina Harouna stated clearly that “she was once bullied by the veteran actress, Emelia after choosing her as her role model and motivator.”

However, according to Emelia Brobbey’s lawyers, they have given the upcoming actress, Safina up to 12th of March 2019 to come with an apology if only she is not ready to meet them in court.

“We have our client’s instructions to demand that you render an unqualified apology to our client and to retract the comments made about her. You are to cause the publication of the said apology and retraction, in the same manner, medium and with the same intensity as the derogatory statement made about our client. This must be done on or before the 12th of March 2019”.

“Our client instructs us that the derogatory statement you made about her has greatly lowered her reputation as a humble, calm and respectful person among her colleague actors, movie producers, business partners as well as friends and family and has further dampened her brand and career as an actress,”

the statement stated.

Check the statement below;