‘A Letter From Adam’ breaks cinema records on Val’s Day

Lydia Forson has chalked a new cinema success with her “A Letter From Adam” movie which returned to the cinemas with a big bang on Val’s Day.

It was a surprise comeback as Valentine’s Day lovers and movie fans trooped to the Silverbird Cinemas at West Hills Mall at Weija in large numbers to watch the movie on Saturday night.


It was the movie’s second premiere in Accra after the main premiere several months ago. Throughout last year, A Letter From Adam screened across the country, with the last premiere in Takoradi registering one of the biggest turnouts.

Val’s Day’s premiere was by popular request and it broke turnout records at the West Hills Mall Cinema.

Screening started after 7pm in only one cinema hall as organisers didn’t expect high turnout.

But it turned out otherwise. The first cinema hall got full in no time, with persons sitting on the staircase. That forced organisers to open another cinema hall for the screening. But that one also got full within a short time. There was still a large number of people demanding for tickets but cinema operators had to stop selling because it was late.

On Sunday Lydia Forson apologised to movie fans who couldn’t see the movie.

“Biggest turn out for a movie, both foreign and local at the West Hills Mall since its opening! Record set! Haven’t slept all night because I’m still trying to take it all in. I sincerely apologise to everyone who came and couldn’t come in because it was full.
We didn’t anticipate this and it was too late to do another showing…,”

Lydia said.

Saturday’s red carpet ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Tourism & Creative Arts, Dzifa Gomashie, actors Adjetey Anang, Nana Ama McBrown, Beverly Afaglo, Louie Lartey, MUSIGA President Obour, musician Eugene Baah, aka Praye Honeho, and others.

“Supporting Lydia Forson and ultimately the industry; I figured you were a very creative woman from interacting with you but I had no idea you were very creative. I played a cameo role in your first. I saw your passion. Yesterday I watched A Letter From Adam and I think you have arrived. The script is good. I like the cast in general. The storyline is everyone’s story; I can relate to it. I believe the fact that the two shows had a full house must make you proud. You did it. Kudos to you and your team, cast and crew. The only critique I have is some characters didn’t sustain their characterisation…They flip flopped …Well done Ms Lydia Forson. Proud of you SLOPSAA,”

Honorable Dzifa Gomashie spoke about the movie.

A Letter From Adam is directed by Atlanta-based Ghanaian director Sam Kessie and produced and written by Lydia Forson.

It is a contemporary story about love, loss and hope that will draw audiences into a realistic cycle of life seen through the pain of loss, the journey of self discovery and the courage and strength to find hope in the face of adversity.

It bagged three nominations at the upcoming 2015 edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMCVAs).