​7 Steps Single Ghanaians can use to Find a Date Before Valentine’s Day

Having successfully celebrated Christmas holidays and crossed over to year 2017, most lonely single Ghanaians begin to worry over spending 14th February, Valentines day ALONE. This lonely phenomenon is normal because Humans have always wanted a partner  someone with whom they can be intimate with, share their most private feelings and really be themselves.

Today, whiles most single Ghanaians  are left on their own to find a spouse without family interference, several others do not bother to look for a spouse. They strongly believe God will physically bring that special person to them. Conversely, other singles are feverishly engaging in varying Godly and ungodly activities/events which will help them find partners.

Note! Common to all these aforementioned activities is the traditional/conventional/off-line method of physically approaching a total stranger to Date. Thus, only extrovert singles with strong social skills are now able to find a Date. What then happens to singles with low social confidence, probably in their thirties and are constrained with 8am to 5pm workaholic lifestyles??

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Here are top 7 ways single Ghanaians can use to find a Date before 14th February – Valentine’s Day.

  • Try Online Dating

With the advent of digital technology, online dating platforms like Ghana’s sweeedy.com, has become an amazing platform which connects singles worldwide to form cherished relationships that may lead to marriages. It gives singles an opportunity to meet interesting and exciting fellow single Ghanaians worldwide, privately in the comfort of their rooms. If one was to search the Internet for success stories, one would find hundreds of thousands of them. You simply have nothing to lose but all to gain by try online dating. What can be wrong with a sister/brother/friend/neighbour that met his/her spouse online and is enjoying a healthy, happy relationship which may lead to a marriage??

  • Spend Time to Create a Unique but Honest Profile

Determined singles should spend time filling-out their online profile because it is the surest way to attract a compatible partner before 14th February, Valentines day. Think of it this way, would you contact anyone with an uncompleted profile? Certainly No. Be very honest and truthful in completing your profile in a clear and unique manner. When you fudge or twist the truth, then you are setting yourself up for disappointments and wasted opportunities.

  • Upload a Charming Profile Picture

Your Profile pictures are the first thing interested suitors will ever see! So, find your best pictures and upload it onto the dating platform. The picture should be a portrait showing only yourself in a very decent natural pose. You can go the extra-mile to hire a photographer, have him or her take photos of you in your natural environment. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Commit Your Online Adventure to God through Prays

The Holy Bible states that Christians should seek God and He will fulfill their desires (Psalm 103:5; Romans 12:2) in His perfect way and His perfect time (Romans 5:6; Romans 8:26-27). Therefore, all Christian singles are required to pray that God would connect them to someone of their heart desire. All Singles must always go-slow with building a friendship and be mindful of not allowing their flesh to get ahead of their mind.

  • Upgrade Your Account to Premium

Singles should always opt for a paid site/app like Ghana’s sweeedy.com. This is because such paid platforms are likely to have latest scamalytic-software which detect and eliminate spammers, fake profiles and imposters. Again, paid platforms are known to have features which enhances the chances of singles been found by prospective suitors. For instance, sweeedy.com provides paid users a bigger profile pictures with highlighted gold boarders plus live video chat, which is a great way to authenticate the identity of the person behind the profile.

  • Apply Wisdom and Trust Your Instincts

Always use your God given wisdom when searching and communicating with anyone online. Create a user nickname with a name that does not include your surname or any other identifying information such as your place of work or where you live. At all times, pay attention to your instincts when communicating with someone online. God has placed something in everyone that prompts you when something is not right. Use common-sense to end conversation with anyone your doubt or suspect of being an imposter, fraudster or fake.

  • As soon as Possible meet In-Person at a Public Area

Singles should as soon as possible meet in-person at a public area and inform friends/family about the meeting. Common to all the online dating success stories is transitioning from the online world to the “real world” as soon as they could. This gives each other an opportunity to examine each other in the real world. It is very vital for singles to examine how the other partner treats others, handles everyday frustrations etc. This series of in-person meetings helps singles make wise decisions on whether to continue exploring or not.

By Felix Asmah